Kiss and Tell Blog Tour

Kiss and Tell?  It’s nobody’s business First Lady Jackie O’Neill says in my latest novel, Silver Bullets.  But you be the judge!

First Lady Jackie O’Neill is in conflict.  Her girlfriends have said that she’s a prude because she turns up her nose anytime they talk about getting their sexy back, doing something to enhance their sexual experience with their mate, or deriving pleasure for themselves.  For sure, these women are going to be burned up in Satan’s fire.

However, First Lady Jackie may have been convinced that she is missing something in her relationship with her husband, Pastor O’Neill, and questions him about it.  In the EXCERPT that follows, let me know, for a chance to win a $10 e-card from Amazon,Silver Bullets if First Lady wants something to share with her friends or that she simply wants to enjoy what she has with her man.


It was a rare occasion that Pastor Franklin O’Neill wasn’t at his office on a Monday morning.  His body was exhausted having preached both the eight and eleven o’clock services on yesterday.  The services were high and the Holy Spirit had reigned supreme.  Even Pastor O’Neill wore a few holes in his shouting shoes.

Franklin lay next to his wife and enjoyed the serenity of the moment.  Staring at the ceiling, a smile crossed his face.  Good thoughts of his life with his family passed through his mind.  Franklin and Jackie enjoyed a beautiful twenty-six year marriage.  Their two children had gone to college, got a good education, and were now good citizens in the community.  Their daughter, Kelly, passed the bar on her first try and was now a practicing attorney.  Their son, Franklin Junior, was a science teacher with aspirations to someday work for NASA.

There was a slight movement next to Franklin.  He pulled his eyes away from the ceiling and turned toward Jackie as she stretched her arms and torso.  Franklin loved watching Jackie as she slept; she looked like an angel.  A minute passed and Jackie’s eyelids fluttered before she finally opened them.

Jackie turned and faced Franklin as she lay on her side.  She smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Good morning, baby.  What’s on that great mind of yours?” Jackie asked, touching his nose with her finger.  “God give you a word for your next sermon?”

“He has but in truth I was thinking about you…our family and how blessed I am…we are.  God has blessed me with the most wonderful First Lady to be by my side, and I thank the Lord every day for it.  How many times have we argued in our twenty-six years of marriage?  Five…maybe six times?”

Jackie laughed.  “You know it’s been more like ten or twelve.”

“That’s not even one argument for each year we’ve been together.”

“You’re right about that, Franklin.  We have been blessed.”

Franklin pecked Jackie on the cheek.

“Franklin, I want you to be honest with me.”

“Haven’t I always been?”

“Yes, but what I have to ask you is a little sensitive.”

Franklin sat up.  “Baby, you can ask me anything.  Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.  On Saturday, I went out with the girls, and Queenie called me a prude.  She asked me questions about our bedroom playtime.”

Franklin shook his head.  “Those are your friends, Jackie, but it’s none of their business what we do in our bedroom.  That is sacred.  Queenie needs to stand by the well like the widow woman and pray that Jesus walks by.  The only problem is that she won’t be trying to touch the hem of His garment.”

“Don’t go there, baby.  God won’t be pleased.”

“That was my attempt at letting out a cuss.”

Jackie laughed.  She reached over and held Franklin’s face.  She brushed her hand over his course beard and lowered her head and gave him a light kiss on the lips.  “Do I still turn you on?”

“What kind of question is that?  Baby, you know I love you.  I still love that heart shaped behind that wiggles a little more than it did when we first met.  I declare it still turns me on.  In fact, I love every inch of you, and you still mess up my mind.   Come here.”

Jackie moved closer to Franklin.  He pulled her even closer and put his arm around her waist.

“Let’s play Samson and Delilah,” Jackie cooed.

“So you want to be the naughty seductress so you can con me into telling you my secrets.”

“Think what you like, dear Samson.  I’m going to blow your mind.”

“God said to touch not his anointed.”

Jackie whispered in his ear.  “My dear, Samson, you are ruler over many.”

“No, only the flock at Shiloh Baptist Church.”

Jackie laughed.  “You are so crazy, Franklin.  Now assume the role of Samson and fall under Delilah’s spell.”

“Does this mean that Samson gets to make out with Delilah in the next few minutes?  I don’t have four hours to give before Delilah makes her move.”

“The seduction of Delilah is foreplay.  You enjoy the slow ride to euphoria and when you get to the top of the mountain, you scream like hell and let it all go.”

Franklin stared at Jackie and laughed.

“I’m no prude, Frank.  I know how to make my man happy in bed; I’ve got First Lady moves.  I don’t need toys, whips or chains to seduce my man.”

“Is that the kind of stuff you women talk about?”

“Yes.  These women are afraid of getting old and losing their sex appeal.  I don’t have their problem.”

Franklin giggled.  “Honey, you are so funny.  Why don’t we forget about Samson and Delilah and play Pastor and First Lady?  I want to make love to you, First Lady O’Neill, the twenty-first century way.  Now, come and make Daddy happy.”

“Be careful what you ask for.”

“Who’s your Pastor?”

“Who’s your First Lady?”


Writing a Good Story

Today I saw a quote that I instantly fell in love with.  There was so much truth to it.

“A good book makes you want to live in the story.  A great book gives you no choice.”

Author unknown

That’s how I read and write.  I like to be drawn into a story that makes me feel that I’m one of the characters who’s about to make a life-changing discovery, or embark upon an adventure of a lifetime, maybe fall head-over-heels in love, or better yet, have a mind blowing brush with death and live to tell about it.  A good story will leave you wondering if the events are true to life or a fantasy that you’ve longed for forever.  A good story will have you turning the pages—anxious to know what comes next, while also causing you to slow up when you get close to the end, simply because you don’t want it to end.

When I truly fall in love with a book, I treat it like Charlie Brown’s friend, Linus van Pelt, treats his blanket.  It practically goes everywhere with me, even to the bathroom, should it be necessary.  Too much information, I’m sure you’d say.   But let’s tell the truth; I’m not alone.

For the past three months, I was home recovering from a total knee replacement.  If I wasn’t going to therapy, a doctor’s appointment, or visiting my favorite eating establishment, I was lying in front of my flat-screen television set, watching season upon season of Oz, The Wire, Downton Abbey, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards—by now you’ve got the picture.  I consumed five to six seasons at a time in two to three days, episode after episode until I was no longer able to sleep and in need of another fix…another good/great story.  Yes, that’s overkill and I need to have my head examined, but that’s what a good/great story will do when it’s told well.

I’m not sure that I have a masterpiece in my new novel, Hollywood Skye, but I’d like to think it has all the traits of a good…no great story that you’ll be talking about long after you’ve finished reading the last page.  Movie?  It very well could be.  For sure, Hollywood Skye is entertaining and leaves you hoping and praying that Skye Taylor-Culbertson’s life has new meaning and that she’s found peace and understanding amidst all that’s she’s been through.



Putting a Character in Harm’s Way


As a reader and writer of suspense novels, I love a story that has me sitting on the edge of my seat or maybe biting a nail or two.  I put my trust in an author, who will keep me turning the pages–hungry in anticipation of the next scene in which I’ll discover something about a character that will make me pass  judgment, whether positive or negative.  It’s an adrenaline rush to say the least.

As an author, I oftentimes will sacrifice a character, put them in harm’s way, to induce that “ah ha” moment.  Sometimes the sacrifice is for the good of the story…to make the reader want more.  In my novel, Behind the Veil, I sacrificed my character, Angelica, to the 10th degree.  She was once the best friend to Margo Myles but I soon realized I needed to shake up the friendship.  I had Angelica do things that poisoned and put Margo’s and Angelica’s friendship card on hold.  I talked with my character (Angelica) at length to make her understand why I had to do what I did.  In the end, I wrote a sequel staring Angelica entitled Deja vu to make up for the mess I caused her in Behind the Veil.

The feedback from readers was phenomenal.  They questioned me as to why I would break up Angelica and Margo’s friendship.  There were readers who were very upset about what I did.  But that feedback was important, as it told me that I’d done my job as a writer or what I call myself sometimes–the master manipulator.

When you draw the reader in and cause them to feel some kind of way about your characters–almost a call to action–in that they want to understand why you’ve subjected a reader to a misfortune or helped them to live out their fantasy, you’ll have a fan forever.  You’ve hooked them, and they want to read more of your work because you’ve taken them on a journey…a journey that they’ll remember long after they’ve finished reading the last page.

In my latest novel, Hollywood Skye, I subjected the main character, Skye Culbertson to a lot of uncomfortable situations.  She’s a young, naïve woman who’s a lost soul, trying to find herself but looking in all of the wrong places to obtain it.  She’s too trusting and makes one too many bad decisions that almost cost her life.  I felt an obligation, as the author, to make it right for Skye because I wanted the reader to feel that she made some progress in her life, considering all the bad choices she made.  I hope you enjoy reading this novel that comes out December 2015.

Writing is my passion and my aim is to always give the reader my best work.  A happy reader will be a repeat customer of your work.

What’s New on My Writing Platter!

Hello, readers.  Wow, 2015 is moving fast.  I’ve been through a lot this year, but God has been my sustainer.

This summer, I had my second total knee replacement, and at present I still have yet to go back to work.  My knee feels much better, but I still have a long way to go.  Constant therapy has been my world, and even it’s coming to an end.  Thank you for the visits, cards, telephone calls, meals, and most all the love you showed me during my time of recovery.

In December, I will release my tenth novel—I almost said album.  I’m sure it feels the same. Hollywood Skye is a 180 degree about face from Silver Bullets, but I promise that you’ll get the same Suzetta Perkins’ flavor that I give to all of my novels.

Hollywood Skye follows a young woman who coerces a soldier from a nearby military base to marry her in order to get away from her small hometown in Kansas.  She soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell, and she leaves her husband for the bright lights of Los Angeles, a city she’s ill-equipped for, to pursue a possible acting career.  She meets a smooth operator by the name of Rico Tillman, who says he’ll manager her career, but an unsuspecting Skye, whose life is on track to soar, is arrested by the feds when she is pulled over while driving one of Rico’s cars.  Her life begins to spin out of control, and another bad decision may cost her life.  I give this novel “five” stars.  Sometimes you have to pat your own back.

Other news in my arena is the release of my children’s book that I penned with my granddaughter, Samayya.  The book is titled, The Adventures of Grammy and Sammy.  And the book is just that—our adventures.  Look for it also at the end of the year.

I hope you’re enjoying your fall.  Enjoy everything literary.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Later readers!

Is She Naughty of Nice?


Is Yolanda Maxwell Naughty or Nice?

Welcome to my Naughty or Nice blog tour.  Following is an exerpt from a proposed sequal to my latest novel, Silver Bullets.  Yolanda is a returning character from the latest novel, and she’s testing the waters.  Did I say she was over 50 years old?

Please read the excerpt and let me know if you think Yolanda is Naughty or Nice.  Leave your answer in the comment section by 10 pm to be eligible for a chance to win a $10 Amazon e-gift card.  Thank you readers for your continued support.

Excerpt from proposed sequel to Silver Bullets

As much as Yolanda hated to admit it, she rather enjoyed the attention Stefan was giving her. Love had nothing to do with it. At least that’s what she kept telling herself. She sat back and enjoyed the ride, which was shorter than she’d imagined.

Pulling up to the curb, a doorman walked to the passenger side and opened the door for Yolanda. She looked in Stefan’s direction, smiled, turned, and gave the gentleman her hand. In the next minute, another gentleman appeared from somewhere inside of the building and took the wheel for Stefan. That’s when Yolanda knew for sure that Stefan had means, and there seemed to be limitless amounts of it.

Stefan held out his elbow, beckoning Yolanda to put her arm through it. And through the door they went as the doorman held it wide enough for them to get through. They walked to the elevator and rode it to the twenty-fifth floor.

Silence covered them. Jitters erupted in Yolanda’s stomach, as she tried to anticipate what was coming next and why she was there in the first place. Rocking on her heels, she looked down at the gorgeous Tiffany ring and quickly looked away, not wanting Stefan to ask what she was thinking. And then the sound of the elevator that announced their floor startled her back to reality.

“We’re here,” Stefan said, smiling as he looked down at Yolanda. They exited the elevator, turned left and stood in front of large wooden door.

Butterflies replaced the jitters, or they could’ve been one in the same. Yolanda took a deep breath and moved forward after Stefan opened the door. Her eyes became an enormous camera lens as she snapped picture after picture. Yolanda thought the Bellagio was magnificent, but this apartment, condo, or whatever they called it was drop, dead gorgeous and more beautiful than any residence she’d ever seen or been in. The apartment boasted a grand view of Central Park that was so breathtaking that she couldn’t stop gawking. It was as if she was on top of the clouds; and she didn’t want to come down.

When she came up for air, Yolanda caught Stefan staring at her.

He smiled. “Admiring your beauty; you’re an attractive woman.”

“Stop it, Stefan. I’m way too old for you. I’ve had a fabulous time…”

Before Yolanda could get the next word out of her mouth, Stefan’s mouth was on hers. He held her tight and ran his hands down the length of her body, stopping at the base of her buttocks and easing his hands down slowly. Squeezing the round mounds of flesh, Stefan moaned…Yolanda moaned. There was passion in every twist of their heads as fire and desire exploded to the surface.

Releasing his embrace for only a second, Stefan scooped Yolanda up into his arms and carried her to his massive bedroom. Although the room was dressed up in masculine attire, Yolanda loved the black and white contracts of the décor, the motifs, and the bed that was draped in all-white bedding that she found and loved in the large hotels.
The softness of the comforter engulfed her body. She felt like a baby in the television commercial where the mother places the baby in a soft blanket that had been washed in Downey. And then he was lying next to her, his breathing heavy, nose nestled in her hair, and his finger outlining the contours of her face.

And he kissed her again, holding her chin in his hand. Before another minute had gone by, Stefanlifted her body slightly, unzipped her dress, and began to peel it from Yolanda’s shoulders. He placed kisses all about her neck, across her shoulder blades, and down to the cleavage that exposed natural, tender breasts. It was erotic and sensual. Stefan nibbled for a minute before reaching up and pulling the dress off the shoulders to her waist.

With eyes closed, Yolanda loved every minute of it. It could’ve been a fairy tale, but it felt so real. She loved the way Stefan took his time with the little things, not too anxious to get to the good stuff. That made it more exciting, intoxicating, and she lay there and let him take charge at will.

When her dress was fully off, Yolanda felt a cold chill run across her body. Her lacy, red undies clung to her like icing on a wedding cake. Stefan toyed with her, tickled her with his tongue, but the real show was getting ready to begin when he abruptly stopped, stepped out of his clothes, and looked down on her.

The man was hung like a stallion. That had to be the black side of the family. His muscles rippled like waves on the ocean, and the hardness of them made Yolanda weak. She couldn’t wait to feel him.

He took his time seducing her body. With one swift move of his hand, her breasts were released from bondage, free to fall into his waiting hands. He took them, squeezed them, and gingerly sucked the now extended and swollennodules like they were a tropical fruit. And then he found the real fruit of her passion and without permission, delicately parted her legs and entered, but not before covering his massive hardness with a golden sheath.

Yolanda had died and gone to heaven. This man, this creation of Italian and black, rode her like a thoroughbred horse. His knees dug into her sides as his pelvis met hers, riding and grinding to the finish line. Moans of pleasure and joy were ushered from Yolanda’s mouth, begging him not to stop. This girl was on fire, and she couldn’t get enough of what the young buck, Stefan, had to offer.

Is Yolanda Morris Naughty or Nice?